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Hello! Welcome to Rejuvenate MD

Welcome to Rejuvenate MD—the premier place for all weight loss, HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy), and Aesthetic needs. If you’ve been searching for the perfect fast, safe, and affordable program for weight loss in the Richmond, VA area, you’ve undoubtedly come to the right place. At Rejuvenate MD, you will receive a customized and effective Weight Loss Program that includes personal counseling from our board-certified provider. Our extremely skilled staff will monitor your progress and make ongoing adjustments to help you maintain your weight loss and give you the tools for a happy and healthier you. You’ll never be alone on your journey when you have Rejuvenate MD by your side. We are firm believers in programs specifically designed for YOU.

Weight Loss

We understand that everyone has different needs and a one-size-fits-all approach is not the best route to take in this venture. Programs are designed and tailored just for you. We are 100% invested in your journey and will be there for the long haul—whenever you need us, we’ll be there. It’s expected to have ups and downs and that’s why we’re here; to make sure you’re healthy, supported, and sticking to your goals. We will customize a plan built around you and your desires. We will also monitor progress and any changes and alter your program based on your regular check-ups, always ensuring you’re getting the best out of your program. Is fat reduction your goal? We now offer CoolSculpting treatments to tackle those problem areas!

Aesthetic Services

We provide state of the art Aesthetic Services in a professional and friendly environment. This includes:

  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Professional Skin Care
  • And other services!

Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Hormones affect everything that goes on in our bodies - including our metabolism, energy, mood and stamina.  The safe and proper use of Bio-identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) for the relief of age-related symptoms in women and men promotes health, wellness and a major increase in quality of life.

Using hormones that are a precise biochemical match of your own makes it possible to restore youthful levels to what they were when you were 20-30 years younger in a safe and effective manner**.


Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from patient to patient depending on customized plan, goals, current health and dietary needs.

    review rating 5  Very good program. Dr Lonny Green cares so much. I did it for my health, and many other reasons. I am hooked!

    thumb Leslie baron

    review rating 5  Please try out rejuvenate nd! They are the best and offer so many things. Have really helped me keep my weight down after they worked with me a year ago to lose 10 lbs. I am now down 18 lbs.

    thumb Myrt Quinlan

    review rating 5  I had some broken capillaries around my nose, and decided to get them removed. The staff at Rejuvenate took care of me with a BBL treatment, and the results are fantastic. The atmosphere there is relaxing and professional. I always felt like I was in good hands no matter who I was dealing with. Highly recommend!

    thumb Jack Roebuck


Customized Weight Loss
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Even more reviews from our fantastic clients!

"I'm very happy with the staff and the better results since I switched to Rejuvenate, MD. I get the lipo plus shot." - Vicki M**

"I used to go to another place and never really felt that welcome. They were pleasant but warm. Oh my goodness, this place is a 360 difference. You feel so welcomed! All the staff and even the owner! I was walking down the hallway and he stopped me to introduce himself. What a nice guy!! A sign a good place is they make eye contact with you and smile. They are so happy you are there! If you are looking for a place like this to feel better or are somewhere you are not happy, come here!" - Suzanne S**

"My wife and I decided to go to Rejuvenate MD together and to try to get ourselves back in shape. We listened to the explanation of the program, listened to the pros and cons, and decided to go forward with the program. Well, it was great! We jointly lost over 70 lbs together and feel and look great! The program was easy to follow, we had no issues with the medication or dietary guidelines, and the staff is really terrific! We have both hit our goal weights and are super happy with our results. Anyone can do this if you follow the easy to do guidelines and advice from the staff. We are so glad we found Rejuvenate MD." - Andy S**

"I can't say enough great things about Rejuvinate! The staff is wonderful, make you feel comfortable and cheer you on along the way. I chose this program because it is tailor made to you, which makes it unique versus other cookie cutter solutions. I was immediately put at ease by the friendly staff. Love this place!" - Kelley P**

"The staff are very friendly and helpful. I knew what I wanted to achieve. I just needed a helpful boost to get me started on the right path. The staff and doctors understood and with their help and proper diet I am well on my way. I am finally able to see a light at the end of the tunnel. If I continue I will soon weigh what I did when I graduated high school. I was 252 pounds when I started. I am now 226 pounds and feel great. I still have a long journey to get to my goal but by using the tools given to me by Rejuvenate MD. By summer I should be very close to my goal weight of 185 pounds. The best part is that with the proper tools who knows where I will end up. There are no magic diets that will help shed those extra pounds but they definitely have the right tools and knowledge to help get you started. Thank you so very much to the staff and doctors at Rejuvenate MD!!!" - Timothy B**

"I started with Rejuvenate MD 2 months ago and have lost over 20 pounds already! That after struggling for years to do it on my own. The staff is friendly, helpful and willing to answer any questions I may have about the program. They work with my needs and give me very positive feedback. Try them and you can have success too!" - Terry C**

"My husband and I both started with Rejuvenate and have been very pleased. Sharon is awesome and also follows the same program. So far I have lost 28 pounds in four months which is not too fast nor too slow. I have a couple of medical concerns and the doctors have been very careful to make adjustments as necessary. Highly recommend." - Beth R**

"I have been going to Rejuvenate MD for the last 4 months. I have lost weight and feel so much better. The staff is great and everyone is so friendly. I have bad knees and I need to get these few extra pounds off to prolong knee replacements and the plan is working. Dr. Green and Sharon have been great. Also, another plus is they have added Bettie Gray Seindenburg to their staff to do chemical peels. She has been doing my peels for the last 20 Years. She is the best in the City of Richmond. You will not be sorry going here for any of their services." - Sharon R**

"My experience so far has been great!!! I wished I had found them sooner! Everyone there is so helpful, thoughtful and supportive! I have tried so many different diets that pretty much starve you or the food choices are boring. They give you a great plan to follow and the food choices are healthy and make me happy. I look forward to eating everyday and the energy I get from my plan makes me want to exercise or simply just get moving! I was depressed before and that is no longer an issue for me. I love that people are noticing my weight lose and the compliments I get from family and friends! Thank you Rejuvenate and the wonderful staff." - DeAnna W**

"I feel great! Next month I will be looking at 66 years young. What I'm not looking at is the extra baggage I was struggling with for the last few years. Thank you to all of the staff at Rejuvenate MD for your extra efforts, extra time spent with me, and always available to questions, concerns, and encouraging advice and help. You've made this trip worthwhile!" - Beverley M**

Losing Weight Has Never Been Easier! Our Doctor supervised weight loss programs offer the latest advances in weight loss technology. Our weight loss clinic has helped many women and men successfully lose weight, safely and easily. Our approach to Weight Loss and age-related hormone imbalances is truly unique and not just for medical weight loss.

Hormones affect everything that goes on in our bodies- including our metabolism, energy, mood and stamina. The safe and appropriate use of Bio-identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) for the relief of age related symptoms in women and men promotes health, wellness and a major increase in quality of life.

Stop time, one treatment at a time, with regular rejuvenating beauty solutions at Rejuvenate MD show you how to help your skin age gracefully, and how to achieve youthful, glowing skin with tips and treatments that take only minutes a day.