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BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) For Men has benefits

If So You are Experiencing Andropause

As a man ages his testosterone levels go down.  Many men experience an average loss of 1% of their testosterone per year. Signs of declining levels of testosterone are: diminished energy levels, increased irritability, decline in mood, decline in strength and endurance, and loss of sexual desire.

You Don’t Just Have to Live With It!

At this point you may be thinking, “Aren’t those just signs of aging?” Yes — aging as we’ve always accepted it to be.  But the reality is we don’t HAVE to experience a decline in these areas, simply because the calendar has flipped a certain number of times. You don’t have to get sick, or weak, or irritable as you get older — and why should you live with an unsatisfactory sex life?  While decreased libido and erectile quality are commonly connected with falling testosterone levels, they are actually some of the last to occur, meaning that by the time you’re sexual performance is being affected, many other areas that contribute to satisfactory health and wellness have been reduced.

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Benefits of Testosterone Replacement

**Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from patient to patient depending on symptoms, current health and patient needs.

?Greater Energy

?Better Sleep Patterns

?Increased Libido

?Balanced Emotions

?Increased Muscle Mass

?Loss of Fat

?Enhanced Sexual Function

?Greater Sense of Well-Being

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What’s Your Number?

Studies estimate that over 13 million men suffer from low testosterone (Low T), and most of them don’t even know it.  What’s your Testosterone level? 

These millions of men never even try to find out if they have Low T.  Instead they accept their fatigue, their lack of interest in sex, their low motivation, their low energy levels and even some depression as something they cannot control. In short, these men give up and feel old before their time.

Get Back in the Game!

Rejuvenate MD offers a FREE consultation and will provide a Testosterone Blood Test at NO CHARGE.  You will receive your Testosterone result and are under NO OBLIGATION to do anything further.

If your test indicates your testosterone levels are below what is clinically acceptable, you can choose to start our program and take back your life!

What are you waiting for?

Ready to pump up the libido?  Shed the love handles?  Get your Mojo back?

Man Up Cowboy.  Do it now!

At Rejuvenate MD we know you’re busy.  We evaluate and treat you in our comfortable facility with speed and efficiency.
We get you in and out discreetly, quietly and quickly. Call, email or stop by our conveniently located office today.

**Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from patient to patient.