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BBL Photofacials for Flawless Skin

Many products and treatments on the market claim they can help banish scars and hyperpigmentation, but do they actually work? You might be one of those people who feel like they’ve tried it all, amassing a cupboard full of products that didn’t seem to do much other than give your skin a little more moisture.… Read More »

CoolSculpting for a Slimmer You

If you’re looking to lose that last bit of stubborn fat, you may have heard of CoolSculpting and wondered if it was too good to be true. When you hear there’s no downtime and no surgery, we’re not surprised you think it’s a dream treatment. But, believe in it. Once we learned more about this… Read More »

Kybella for Double-Chins

Though the holidays are here, you may already have a little extra fat you shouldn’t. Some of us suffer from a genetic predisposition towards under-chin fat, or a double-chin. No matter how much you exercise or how well you eat, that double-chin might still stubbornly stick around. No more. For those of us who dislike… Read More »

Getting Ready for Halloween with a Treatment

Halloween is coming up, and we are ready for all the pumpkin-scented candles, colorful leaves, and decorations on houses along the street. Whether you’re excited for Halloween or it’s just another day for you, it makes one very important point in our minds: Halloween is the unofficial beginning of holiday and party season! Are you… Read More »

Fall Skin: Getting Ready with Microdermabrasion

Autumn is a challenging time for many aspects of our lives. It’s still warm enough (or hot enough) to wear shorts and enjoy a campfire at night, but the swimming pools are closed and the kids are going back to school. When you’re out in the elements, things get trickier. Bringing a sweater along everywhere… Read More »

Acne Be Gone

It’s summertime and we’re feeling fine. Well, we would be feeling more fine if we weren’t so hot! It’s been a hot summer and we’re trying to keep cool with lots of water and trips to the beach. But, if you’re one of those many people suffering from acne or bacne (acne on your back),… Read More »

How Can I Help My Botox Last Longer?

There’s so much to Botox and fillers, and so many ways to use it. Botox can help you if you suffer from excessive sweating or migraines. And though we love it for its flexibility, we keep going back to the original use: to smooth and give you a more youthful appearance. If you’ve considered Botox… Read More »

Never Shave Again with Laser Hair Removal

It’s a wonder it wasn’t invented sooner, but we’re still in love with laser hair removal. Think about it: other beautifying treatments have to be repeated. We get our eyebrows waxed every month. We get our hair cut and colored every six weeks. Pedicures? Manicures? We have a standing appointment every Saturday. So when we… Read More »

Regain Your Profile

Submental fullness. That’s a clinical term for an all too common, and depressing, condition — the double chin. Submental fullness is one of those things we all like to think we don’t have (that has to be a problem for those people over in Maryland, not us Virginians!), but most of us have at least… Read More »

Advanced Dermal Filler Treatments Using the Microcannula Technique

For years, both men and women have been cosmetically treated with dermal fillers in their face to bring back volume that was lost. These products such as Restylane® JUVEDERM® and Voluma®, can take years off of a person’s face and look aesthetically beautiful! Traditionally, the technique used to insert dermal fillers into the face involved… Read More »