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HRT For Men

The waiting room at the Masters Men’s Clinic (tagline: Vitality for Life) looks like a pro shop: charcoal etchings of golfers in silhouette, glass-encased displays of duffer paraphernalia. The day I go, the fairway-green leather sofas are occupied by a burly bald fellow in a rugby shirt, a lanky nebbish in his thirties, a rail-thin oldster… Read More »

Allison Pearson: In My View, Every Woman Should Take Hrt

Jill was in her early 40s when she had a hysterectomy. She was put on HRT to counteract the night sweats and extreme tiredness. After two years, she was advised to come off the hormones. The sweats, mood swings and exhaustion came thundering back. Jill’s GP advised her to “go into a corner of the… Read More »

Cancer Risk Or Miracle Cure? The Truth About Hrt

This year I turn 47 – the age that my mum had her menopause. She’s already told me about the hot flushes, night sweats and vaginal dryness I have to look forward to. But it wasn’t until I read Allison Pearson’s account in this paper of her own menopausal brain fog, anxiety, low mood, overactive… Read More »