Allison Pearson: In My View, Every Woman Should Take Hrt

Allison Pearson In My View

Jill was in her early 40s when she had a hysterectomy. She was put on HRT to counteract the night sweats and extreme tiredness.

After two years, she was advised to come off the hormones. The sweats, mood swings and exhaustion came thundering back.

Jill’s GP advised her to “go into a corner of the room when you feel like screaming and scream”. How very thoughtful of him.

Jill recalls: “When I pointed out that it was rather difficult to scream when interviewing people for a research project, the doctor reinstated my treatment. I am now 70 and leading a full and active life. I am under pressure from my young doctor to stop HRT, she keeps warning me about the latest research, all of which I take with a pinch of salt.

“I’m going for quality of life, not quantity. If I had listened to all the scare stories over the years, I would have lived a life of pain and misery instead of one of interest and excitement.”

“HRT is a fantastic aid to keeping mentally sharp and physically vital.”

Jill is just one of the hundreds of readers who emailed me after I wrote about my own decision to start taking bio-identical hormones.

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