Cancer Risk Or Miracle Cure? The Truth About Hrt

Truth about HRTThis year I turn 47 – the age that my mum had her menopause. She’s already told me about the hot flushes, night sweats and vaginal dryness I have to look forward to. But it wasn’t until I read Allison Pearson’s account in this paper of her own menopausal brain fog, anxiety, low mood, overactive bladder, zero libido and extreme irritability that I became utterly terrified.

I have deadlines, a husband, a life. I need a working brain and bladder, and sex. For Pearson, it was hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that made her symptoms virtually disappear. But, like most women, I’d heard about the increased risk of cancer and heart disease.

Last November, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE – the body that recommends prescribing and treatment in the UK) issued guidelines on menopause, encouraging doctors to offer patients HRT while making clear the risks involved.

But now a major new study says that taking HRT can triple the risk of breast cancer.

So what is the truth – would I be risking my health with HRT?
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