Cool Sculpting Near Richmond, VA

In the modern day, we’re always searching for quick, efficient new ways to sculpt our bodies.  Of course, diet and exercise are an adequate way to initially lose excess weight and inches. Through science, and of course our own efforts, it has unfortunately been proven that we can’t choose where exactly we lose the inches and weight we strive so hard to remove from our physique.  Rejuvenate MD provides Cool Sculpting – you’ve probably heard of the technique on television commercials and have seen the phenomenal results displayed across billboards all over town.  But truly, what is Cool Sculpting, you may ask, and is it the right option for you?  This blog will hopefully assist you in answering these questions!

What is Cool Sculpting?

Cool Sculpting is a process in which fat cells are targeted through a specialized cooling system, and then conveniently melted away!  It’s truly that easy.  If you feel as though, no matter the massive efforts you’ve taken such as lengthy runs, hours of yoga, weight lifting, and everything else on the work-out spectrum, you just can’t get that spot on your body to reach perfection, Cool Sculpting can assist with that.

Why Cool Sculpting?

Clients choose Cool Sculpting from Rejuvenate MD for a number of reasons.  From the fact that it’s quick and an outpatient process to the mental positivity that is often supplemented by Cool Sculpting, altogether the Cool Sculpting offered by Rejuvenate MD will provide amazing results that you’ll be proud to show off this summer.  Because Cool Sculpting works so quickly, it often provides a level of self-confidence that you hadn’t been aware of before, as it promptly displays the results you’ve long wanted to achieve with your body, directly in your own mirror.

How Does Cool Sculpting Work?

Cool Sculpting functions through the process known as Cryolipolysis, the process that leads to the amazing results of the procedure.  When it was first being researched, it was found that once extraordinary cold was placed on specific fat cells, lipolysis was then induced, leading to the fat cells “falling apart” and thus be destroyed.  This was fantastic news in science!  Once the fat cells have been completely frozen, our immune systems intelligently reduce of them, as our body is aware the fat cells are no longer functional.  The entire process is extremely temperature sensitive, as it provides the body with just enough cold so as to not cause destruction to the external skin and other bodily tissue (and only reduce targeted, pesky fat cells)!

What Results Can I Expect?

When it comes to Cool Sculpting at Rejuvenate MD, you can expect fantastic results* without the more invasive surgery of most fat removal processes.

Call Rejuvenate MD today, and receive the Cool Sculpting to achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of!

*Results May Vary From Patient to Patient

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