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HRT for MenThe waiting room at the Masters Men’s Clinic (tagline: Vitality for Life) looks like a pro shop: charcoal etchings of golfers in silhouette, glass-encased displays of duffer paraphernalia. The day I go, the fairway-green leather sofas are occupied by a burly bald fellow in a rugby shirt, a lanky nebbish in his thirties, a rail-thin oldster with flyaway gray hair, and a shaggily bearded man who looks as though he’s descended from the mountains following a protracted cougar hunt.

They’re here to see Dr. Lawrence Komer, medical director of one of the few clinics in North America (it’s in a medical office building in Burlington, Ontario, near Toronto) dedicated to andropause — the male counterpart to menopause — and an authority on hormone-replacement therapy. He specializes in testosterone replacement therapy, testosterone being the hormone in men that usually needs replacing. A man’s testosterone is in definite decline by the time he hits thirty, and he’ll surrender about 1 percent of his total production yearly from that point on.

Ask yourself: When was the last time you had a truly good night’s sleep? Do you struggle to find the mental acuity that once came pretty effortlessly? When’s the last time you woke up with an antic erection fluttering against your thigh? Some doctors might immediately turn to drugs that would treat these problems symptom by symptom — sleep medication, depression medication, psychostimulants, impotence drugs. But to Komer and other doctors who advocate hormone therapy, these problems can be signs of a simple hormone deficiency. And so that, quite logically, is the symptom they treat.

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