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Men don’t eat the same way women do.

Men don’t gain weight the same way women do.

Men don’t tackle problems the same way women do.

We are aware of the unique obstacles and difficulties men face when it comes to losing weight, and we have a successful program tailored just for you. You will tone up, trim down and feel great!

Our Board Certified Provider will customize a plan that will enable you to lose weight safely. Daily meal plan and exercise emails will give you the reminders and direction you need to achieve your goal.

I Watch What I Eat and I Work Out- Why Am I Still Gaining Weight?

It may be your hormones! Obesity causes Low T AND Low T causes Obesity

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Weight Loss Before and After

Before Weight Loss After Weight Loss


After 30, a man’s testosterone level starts to fall. Eventually, he reaches a stage referred to as “andropause” or “male menopause”. Over this time period, he gains weight and loses muscle. No matter how much he exercises, or how little he eats, he starts to get a little flabby in the middle.

Larger Belly and Flabby Muscles

All of this leads to a bigger belly and smaller muscles. Low T promotes excess fat and makes it hard to build muscle.

Obesity Causes Low T AND Low T Causes Obesity

We have known for some time that obesity and the metabolic syndrome are related to low testosterone levels. There is an enzyme in fat called aromatase. It changes testosterone into estradiol, the common form of estrogen.

More Fat = Higher Estrogen

More Fat = Lower Testosterone

This is associated with obesity, higher fat and lower muscle content in the body.

5 Ways Low T Causes Weight Gain

  • Low T makes it harder for our cells to use insulin. This leads to increased blood sugar which leads to weight gain.
  • Low T leads to fatigue and lack of energy, which leads to less exercise. Less exercise leads to lower calories used. Lower calories used leads to weight gain.
  • Low T leads to lack of motivation and poor mood. This keeps you out of the gym and- once again- leads to weight gain.
  • Low T leads to a decrease in muscle mass. Less muscle leads to a slower metabolism. Slower metabolism leads to weight gain.
  • Low T leads to more fat cells. This leads to more conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This leads to lower testosterone, which then leads to weight gain- and the cycle goes on……

And Now The Good News….You Can Do Something About It!

Get Back in the Game

We can help you break out of the vicious cycle of low testosterone and high weight. We offer a complete work up and treatment customized for you by our board certified provider.

Remember How You Used to Look?

If you are having weight gain, and have experienced decreased energy, low libido, trouble getting or maintaining erections and an overall decrease in your energy level- call or come in. We can get you back to enjoying life to the fullest!

**Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from patient to patient.

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