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Mother, wife, sister, daughter, employee or business owner- you have many roles to play. Your body is not the same as a man’s, and your plan shouldn’t be the same either.

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All programs include complete EKG, blood work, body fat analysis, history and exam.

We tailor our programs for women to account for their unique needs.

Diet and Exercise Haven’t Worked in the Past?

It may be your hormones!

Hormonal Imbalance

The change in hormones that occurs around the time of menopause has an effect on weight in many ways. Estrogen levels and the ratio of estrogen to progesterone influence hunger, energy and the way the body handles excess calories.


1 – Increased Stress Caring for kids, caring for a spouse, caring for parents, caring for work or home- there never seems to be time to care for yourself. This takes a toll on your body and reaching out for comfort foods is a common way of coping.

2 – Lack of (Good) Sleep Hormonal changes can lead to trouble falling asleep and/or trouble staying asleep. Studies have shown that when people don’t get enough sleep they

  • Have increased levels of a hunger hormone called ghrelin
  • Have decreased levels of the fullness hormone called leptin
  • Consume 300 more calories a day than when well-rested
  • Snack more and do less physical activity

3 – Lack of Exercise Research shows that menopausal women exercise less than other groups of people. This causes low motivation to eat healthier, leading to a vicious cycle.

4 – Poor Eating Habits Eating on the run, having more processed foods, and grabbing whatever is convenient due to time pressure all lead to putting on more weight.

5 – Slower Metabolism As you age, your metabolism slows down- this means you have to either expend more energy or reduce how much you eat just to stay the same weight.

6 – Lower Muscle Mass Muscles burn more calories than fat. The reduction in muscle mass that comes with menopause slows down your metabolism even further.

Stages of the Program

Stage 1: Active Weight Loss In this stage you will experience the most rapid weight loss, as you put into action the knowledge you will learn about food groups, eating behaviors and methods to increase your activity and burn more calories. Counseling, motivational tools and messages, appetite suppressants, nutritional supplements and lipotropic fat burning injections can be used to achieve maximum success.

Stage 2: Transition In this stage you will learn ways to add different foods into the diet, and reassess the tools you have used in Stage 1. Some tools will no longer be needed, while others may be added. The goal of this stage is to cement in place the learning and behaviors that will enable you to continue to be successful in the long term.

Stage 3: Maintenance In this stage you will get the resources you need to do self-monitoring, and learn when to take corrective action if you find things are not going in the right direction. Your confidence increases as you see yourself empowered and in charge.

**Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from patient to patient depending on customized plan, goals, current health and dietary needs.

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